Friday, May 30, 2014

Link Love

Yes, as you guessed, today's link love is going to be a LONG one. Probably because it's been weeeeeks since the last one and I think it may have been these posts I missed the most. I worried about abandoning, where else would I keep track of all this stuff?!

Happy Friday!


While browsing another space for an apartment love feature, I stumbled upon these state cups, the same prints as my beloved, yet expensive, state pillows. Now if only I could decide on a city/state/country/region: boston chicago london massachusetts wisconsin new england england...yes I am aware of how expensive they are. Barb has New England.

Side note: Swoozies is a pretty dangerous shop.

Speaking of shops, I...
a. did way too much shopping over the past month via Wayfair, CB2, RugsUSA, shopbop, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Rue La La, Gilt, Design Darling, Dana Rebecca Design, Bauble Bar, I think I said too much.
b. also discovered a few more online boutiques like The Style Lab
c. went to Randolph Street Market for the first time this past weekend and am now hooked on some new etsy shops and other crafters like liv+work, where I got an amazing pillow, 7m woodworkingUntamed RootsCaitlin Conway ArtFierce MallyViolet Press & Paper and Olive Juice
d. need to bite the bullet and buy a set of these mugs. I'm thinking: Everyday I'm Hustlin', Ain't Nobody Got Time For That, Hello Sunshine

Mr. Bennett and I made these Greek Chicken Skewers and oh my god were they good, and if you choose to make them, which you should, yes, the little bit of marinade goes a long way to deliciousness.

I haven't used my slow cooker in awhile and I'm thinking I may need to try these Chicken Caesar Sandwiches soon.

This article makes me want to go raid Target or the Container Store to implement at least some of these unconventional ways of storing beauty products.

I am patiently waiting for Limecrim Velvetines Lipstick in Pink Velvet to come back in stock. But first, I think I need this jewelry box

I think I literally died and went to heaven a very very dark and jealous place when I saw these shots of Lauren and Lauren and Viola in Paris in amazing gowns. Tulle and American apparel body suits, be still my heart.

This probably comes as no shock my a sucker for a Nancy Meyers film: It's complicated, the holiday, something's gotta give, father of the bride. And the set design, is just as lust worthy in each one so when Lonny pulled together a bunch of locations that could just as likely been used, I was ooh-ing and ah-ing.

I recently heard Birkenstocks were back in. I'm talking the Arizona style, which no I didn't even have to look up, and yes, I had alongside a few pairs of Bostons too. And then I thanked my lucky stars that these trends come and go in cycles. Editor's Note: This DOES NOT by any means crush my desire for a beautiful Celine.

If I was having a dinner party tomorrow, I'd hurry on over to Barney's and snap up as much as I could of these tablescapes. Also, if I had an unlimited budget. Details...

Of the 30 things to should learn before turning 30, I'm at around 16, it was tough as they are very subjective. Guess it's good I have four and a half more years.

If you questioned why Wisconsin was a party school, apparently we have more bars than grocery stores. In fact, 2.7 times as many. You know, the necessities in life.

Speaking of Wisconsin, my graduation speaker was subpar. I suppose my graduation in general was subpar...they do graduation in Camp Randall these days. UT-Austin's speaker this year, Naval Admiral William H. McRaven's speech, the 10 lessons he learned on how to change the world from basic seal training, was remarkable

Speaking of great lessons, I couldn't let this week go by without mentioning the passing of Maya Angelou. Here are her 13 best quotes. And today, I leave you with my, along with likely many other's, personal favorites: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I know what you're thinking. And, it probably goes a little something like this...

"You said you were going to blog and then 4 weeks went by and nothing."

Guilty. as. charged.

And, then last week, I started to miss you. While, I found that  I no longer need this creative outlet each day, I missed having a place to share the things I love and somewhere to keep them safe for a rainy day.

And so I am back. Albeit without any promises of a regular schedule. I hope to resume my weekly This Week and Link <3 posts, and as you probably guessed, there's plenty more Apartment Loves to come, I've scheduled through October and have many more to add, incase you were worried.

And I do promise that if you want to catch me on a more daily basis, be sure to follow along on twitter and instagram.

Boy, I forgot how much I enjoy this.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apartment LOVE: Winnie

I'm starting to think Christine Dovey, whose home I featured last week, can do no wrong.

This place that she helped design is in Chicago and I may just have to find out if it ever goes on the market.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apartment LOVE: Christine Dovey

I'm so in awe of this home that I'm just going to use Style Me Pretty Living's opening statements. I thought they just summed it up so well. I couldn't have said it better.

"If you aren't sitting down for this one, you might want to grab a chair. And a bubbly cocktail. Because Christine Dovey's home is so beautiful, so downright fabulous, that is deserves your full, undivied attention. From the mix of high and low priced pieces, vintage and modern details, all out glam next to subtle but stunning touches, this home is inspiration overload."

I just cannot decide what I like most.
 + The kitchen with its campaign dresser island
 + The subtle touches of coral and pink
 + The hallway wallpaper
 + The blue washer and dryer
 + The subway tiling
 + The Souk Rug

I'm ignoring the creepy giant lamb.

For the full article and more sources via Style Me Pretty Living.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Apartment LOVE: Kate Arends

I could sing the praises of Threshold, Target's in-house line, forever. And this lady's a designer for the company. 

The only disadvantage, this place is in Minnesota.

There are a lot of details I like:
 - The adorable bookshelves, perfectly styled
 - That amazingly comfortable looking leather chair

Check it out: