Monday, July 7, 2014


Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been traveling all over the place. Literally: 4 days in Massachusetts, 3 days in New York City and 4 days in New Hampshire!

But last night, I had all these good intensions. I got to Logan with an hour and a half to spare before boarding my flight back to Chicago finally. I resisted every urge to hop on a flight to London, Southwest is now housed in Boston’s International Terminal, and began writing out all that I had to do this week, and everything I was going to share on today’s post.

Then, I boarded the plane ready to go…then they informed us that while equipped with wifi like my email last night told me, the wifi on board was not working and would not be available. Womp. Womp.

But, I decided to forge on and wrote this down in a new message in outlook. It was going to be the beginning of productive week, wifi or not.

And did I mention I’m heading back East again in two weeks for another family wedding? Crazy traveling summer.

This week…

+ I’m finally back in Chicago after a week and a half long trip back east to Boston, New York and Boston again. And, I’m desperate for routine. I absolutely love going home, seeing my family, and adorable puppy, and getting to spend time relaxing but this past trip seemed a bit too much like vacation, minus the 3 days of work last week. Read: way too many indulgences like decadent meals, desserts always around, and couches and lake floats calling my name. By Sunday evening, I was feeling rather gross. Having said all that, this week is going to be about shocking my system back to its healthy habits.

+ Like drinking water, and lots of it. For some reason the week before I left, I found myself forgetting my water bottle every day for work so I ended up drinking way too little. This week, I’m thinking about taking up an old habit that I developed in London: stopping every morning before work for a giant bottle of water. 

+ I also need to purchase new water bottles, almost all of mine, except for one, leak every time I drink out of them. Camel backs should have an expiration date on them. 

+ I also need to eat healthier. If i told you all the things I consumed by lunchtime over the past week, I think you’d understand what I’m getting at. I may do a semi-paleo shock to my system this week.

+ And while we’re on this path, I’ll be hitting the gym a lot. I did go to two soul cycle classes while I was in the city, so this one shouldn’t be too hard. Spinning today. Maybe yoga tomorrow, depending on how long my bi-weekly Tuesday meeting goes, spinning Wednesday, and we’ll see about after that..

+ Because [shameless plug], I’m working all weekend at the Windy City Smoke Out! Have you gotten your ticket yet? If so, be sure to come by and say hi at Chicago q’s spot!

+ And while we’re making shameless work plugs, I should also all tell you to tune in to World Food Champsionships, a show launching this Thursday on A&E’s new network, FYI, following the 2013 World Food Championships, where my chef took home second place! Check your local listings but here in Chicago is premiering on Thursday, July 10 at 9pm CST.

+ And while we’re speaking on TIVO, for some reason my I wanna marry harry season pass seems to have stopped working and clearly I didn’t notice until my future sister-in-law wanted to chat finale with me. Oops. I should probably figure out what happened there…or maybe not, I did have my reservations about the whole thing.

+ And yes, I got on a tangent there but going back to being healthier, I’m hoping to hit at least 10,000 steps every day between now and my return to Boston. And maybe start running again, I finally got myself a new pair of Brooks.

+  Did I mention this a crazy summer of travel? After my trip home on the 18th, I should be in Chicago until the end of September but Mr. Bennett and I are hoping to get a weekend in Madison and a weekend in Michigan in, plus a potential trip to Portland or somewhere on the West Coast this fall. Anyone have any suggestions on that?? Andddd, I may throw a wedding dress shopping trip and color war adventure in there, too. Because you know, things are crazy enough. Hellllloooo frequent flier points!

+ I’m also hoping to finally get to the framing store. I’ve had 3 prints sitting on my desk at work that need to be framed, and 2 prints sitting on my floor at home that do too.

+ I desperately need to get back to my moisturizing routine. Extremely dry feet run in my family, it’s quite gross, and I had a good routine of Eucerin Gel and Socks going that I need to get back to…and while I’m down there I should probably paint my toes….and nails.

+ I’m hoping to blog. You can only imagine how many links I have to share, I’ve been saving them since my last one. And, I do still have two recipes waiting in the wings for some spare time. Maybe tonight or tomorrow night.

+ And, I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my camera. The zoom on my lens seems to be stuck or is catching when i spin it so I need to either get it fixed, replace the lens or invest in an entirely new one. Anyone ever have an experience with this?

Anyone still reading? Sorry for the long list but happy to report, I’m back, and hopefully better than before, I’m not ready to say ever yet. Happy Monday!


Currently -
Listening: Norah Jones in the background
Eating: Only healthy things.
Drinking: Water, and lots of it.
Wanting: to be back on the island in my parents lake
Needing: More hours in the day and days in the week, and weekends in the summer.
Thinking: about my to do list for the day and how long it is
Enjoying: finally being home
Wondering: if my inbox will ever be organized again

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