Friday, June 6, 2014

Link Love

This week went by fast. Without further ado, here's what I read along the way...

+ Growing up, family gatherings always meant one thing: Half Moons from Grandpa. Now, our half moons were not your typical black and whites. They were much softer, cake-like, with real frosting, not a glaze. Regardless, I enjoyed reading a bit of the history behind these goodies.

+ Speaking of goodies, I need to find a reason to buy these Chips AHoy Cookies stuffed with Oreos and Birthday Cake.

+ Kalla, a new flower delivery service, launched in Chicago this week. I'm a little miffed I wasn't on their free flowers for launch day list and am beyond dying for the Bea & the Lady Arrangement.

+ Carrie Bradshaw has been robbed i.e. She did not make the list of the best fictional residents of New York. Yet Samantha Jones did?!

+ I remember the first time I walked into a Bikram class. My roommate at the time just said we were going to yoga. I knew nothing about the heat or the 90 minute time period. While I did get hooked for quite some time, I don't see myself venturing to a class anytime soon.

+ You know my fascination with prints, and lettering, and cards. Well I gotta get myself to NSS, the National Stationary Show.

+ This week, I made it to the gym Monday and Tuesday, and ate healthy those days too. Then Wednesday hit, I got stressed and ugh it's Friday. This girl, however, is inspiring.

+ Remember how I said I'm not online shopping. Well I'm not for awhile. But Mr. Bennett pointed out that giving it up altogether was probably less than reasonable. So instead, I've decided that I am going to take a hiatus from it. And then, when I do allow myself to shop once again, I will only be buying things online that I cannot get in person. If I can get myself to a store, its to the store I go. So online shopping will really be relegated to: Shopbop, BaubleBar and Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, I love Pretty & Fun's monthly Shops You Should Know, a round up of her favorite shops on the site.

+ I am 9277 days old today. I found that out, and some more way more interesting facts.

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