Monday, June 23, 2014


This week is sort of like the calm before the storm. The storm being my 10-day trip back East to New England and New York for family festivities and a work research trip. Needless to say, this week is going to be busy getting ready.

Also this week...

+ I am going to continue not to online shop, although these shoes above are PRETTY tempting, and only available online, and relatively cheap.

+ I am starting a new book. it will either be Emily Giffin's newest, the next Janet Austen: Emma or The Hundred Foot Journey.

+ I will probably put a pretty good dent in Orange is the New Black. 

+ I need to start looking for a Bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding in March.

+ I would like to blog a few recipes but I'm not sure I am going to have time. I have two photographed and ready to go.

+ I've been making the most delicious sandwiches, which yes I completely ripped off Jimmy John's: turkey, cheese, cucumber, tomato, guac in a lettuce wrap. Hello beach club unwich.

+ I need to bring my camera lens in to a shop to get looked at. It's getting stuck when you zoom in and out.

+ I MUST make it to the gym at least twice.

+ I'm heading back East with Mr. Bennett, for the first time, for my cousin's wedding to her high school sweetheart! I cannot wait to show him my old stomping grounds, and get some delicious lobster, and steamers, and whole belly fried clams!

xo xo

Currently -
Listening: Relient K - High of 75
Eating: the aforementioned turkey lettuce wraps and leftovers
Drinking: La Croix Pamplemousse
Wanting: a new set of pots & pans, and well all my kitchen supplies, give or take a few/lot
Needing: to do something about my feet, they are so blistered they look like someone took a cheese grater to them, yes I know that was graphic
Thinking: I should get back on Pinterest and Reward Style
Enjoying: that I get to see Dunkin this week
Wondering: how I am missing a Kate Spade Gilt Sale

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