Monday, June 2, 2014


This past weekend was one of those great weekends where you have just the right amount of balance between activities and down time, productivity and relaxation. And come this morning, I was feeling very refreshed, ready to tackle the week.

This week...

+ As always, I'm saying that I'm going to eat healthy and work out. I find that each week, I start with the best intentions and somehow life always seems to get in the way. I'm hoping I can actually follow through though. Hey, I did this week with the blog, there's hope!

+ I'm hoping to share a few recipes I made over the weekend including yummy pasta salads and rhubarb apple sauce . I know, madness, more than 3 blog posts in a week? We'll see!

+ I want to finish Mansfield Park, which I think may be Austen's slowest novels. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Austen but this one just takes forever to get to the plot line dilly-dallying all along the way. I'm also hoping to start Jane Green and Emily Giffin's newest novels. Does anyone else have any great books their planing to read this summer?

+ I've declared myself OFF online shopping. It's a serious problem of mine and one I really need to get under wraps so I'm forcing myself that if I really want something, I need to get off my butt and go get it. That means no more Gilt, Rue la la, Shopbop or Etsy. Yes, I'm calling an intervention on myself.

+ I'm heading to Dim Sum brunch with an old co-worker to an old client and cannot wait to catch up and dig into many yummy new items.

+ Speaking of old clients, I'm also FINALLY getting a haircut, which is desperately needed. My hair is just at that point where it's falling beyond flat, and a bit too far down my back. And it is the beginning of a summer filled with far too many weddings.

+ Of late, I've been really into doing crosswords and I plan to tackle at least one or two.

+ I'm really digging the haircut above but not sure I can handle that short of hair right now. Maybe in the fall though!

+ I've been re-watching a season of Royal Pains that I missed in anticipation of the return of summer shows, including Suits, Royal Pains, Franklyn & Bash and, of course, the Bachelorette. Are there any summer shows you cant miss?

xo xo xo

Currently -
listening: Beatles and friends
eating: Leftovers for days
drinking: La Croix Sparkling Water
wanting: To kick my ass into high getting in shape gear
needing: To kick my ass into high getting in shape gear
thinking: about cutting back on my use of the exclamation point
enjoying: June
wondering: which dress to wear to wedding numero uno

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