Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I know what you're thinking. And, it probably goes a little something like this...

"You said you were going to blog and then 4 weeks went by and nothing."

Guilty. as. charged.

And, then last week, I started to miss you. While, I found that  I no longer need this creative outlet each day, I missed having a place to share the things I love and somewhere to keep them safe for a rainy day.

And so I am back. Albeit without any promises of a regular schedule. I hope to resume my weekly This Week and Link <3 posts, and as you probably guessed, there's plenty more Apartment Loves to come, I've scheduled through October and have many more to add, incase you were worried.

And I do promise that if you want to catch me on a more daily basis, be sure to follow along on twitter and instagram.

Boy, I forgot how much I enjoy this.

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