Monday, May 5, 2014


Happy May! Although, I must admit, I think Chicago is a BIT confused. It's acting like it's April. 

This week...

+ I'm going to do all the things I said I was going to do last week, like not snoozing and going to the gym. Last week, everything seemed to get away from me.

+ I'm continuing to de-clutter/organiz3 my life. I'm realizing I just have soooo much stuff and really purging myself of it all. Yesterday was a lot of clothes. We'll see what today is.

+ I will actually buy stuff for the apartment: rugs, plants, maybe event new pots and pans

+ I may be selling some items: Furniture & Clothing via the good ole blog or ebay, stay tuned! Gotta make sure everything finds a good home

+ I'm hoping to find some time for some pampering. Read: eyebrow wax and manicure...hey even having time to moisturize my hands might be nice. 

+ I will be celebrating Mr. Bennett's birthday!

+ I'm heading home Thursday night for a bridal shower and Mother's Day, and, of course, a cuddle session with Dunkin

xo xo xo
Currently -
Listening: What I can hear of The New Coldplay Album
Eating: Michael's Salad from yesterday's Highland Park Adventure
Drinking: Water with Lemon, Black Tea, Staying Hydrated
Wanting: to see my family, Thursday!
Needing: to hit the gym for a good sweat, STAT, and every other day this week
Thinking: I should go make a trip to the Jewelers to look at the Dana Rebecca ring I want
Enjoying: life, things are pretttty darn good right now
Wondering: what I should wear to my cousins shower on Saturday?

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