Friday, April 11, 2014

Link Love

Happy Friday Friends! Only 8 Hours until the weekend but here's so reading to tide you over until then...

Finally, here's the first peek at Disney's Girl Meets World. Yes, I still think Corey and Topanga are the definition of love.

I may not be an MSU fan, but I certainly am a fan of Lacey Holsworth and the sweet outpouring of love from the Spartan nation.

Matchbook Magazine's April Edition is out. I love reading what the Matchbook Girl is each month. This month: She splurges on Gold Foil Stamped Station, Harbors Dreams of the State, Hits the Gym in Neon Sneaks, Channels the Seaside in her City Abode, Finds Eccentricity Endearing, Lives for Luxury Linens and Isn't Afraid of a Blowtorch.

As someone who both lives and works on the top floor of the building, I'm well acquainted with the 20 worst people you'll meet in an elevator.

I watch Gilmore Girls over and over again, still hoping that Rory chooses Logan in the end. So naturally, I loved these 20 facts about Gilmore Girls.

Once I get set up at work, I'm planning on testing out a tleast one of these DIY, Organization Crafts, perfect for my desk.

Another once, rather someday, when I finally have a closet, yes ladies and gentlemen, I live in the room without a closet, I'll be taking these tips on how to create a dream closet.

Is anyone else addicted to Frozen as much as me? I knewwww I wasn't alone there. Well here's a version of Kristen Bell doing Do You Want to Build a Snowman that is amazing. As is this guy's version with more than 20 Disney Characters!

The Badgers may have lost last week, but according to Chancellor Blank, we all won. And I could not agree more. Go Badgers!

I'm really digging this song from Tom Fletcher, and the videos pretty cool too. Remember his wedding speech?

This one is for Mr. Bennett: Cocktails to Make you Fall in Love with Scotch....not that he needs any

#WeWillRun #BostonStrong

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