Friday, April 4, 2014

Link Love

You guys, not working for a week is TOUGH work. I'm totally the type of person who is so lazy I'm comatose or who keeps going, going and going. So, having to find a balance in the middle this week, well that was pretty difficult. Luckily, I'm back to work next week!

As you can imagine, in my downtime, I did an awful lot of reading: Finished one Harry Potter book, started the final one, and started Tell The Wolves I'm Home for my book club. Yes, I multi-task read books. And, plenty of good ole internet reading.

Don't worry, I didn't do any of these: The 17 laziest things anyone has ever done.

I did remember everyone of these scents from the 90s though.

Speaking of Harry Potter. Holy moly facts.

I plan to spring-ify my apartment as soon as we have confirmation that we aren't moving.

The Genius Men behind Rich Girls came up with Daryl Hall & Oats-meal.

House Beautiful's Chicago Design Shopping Guide. I love Art Effect & Jayson Home.

Speaking of Chicago, we just have so many potholes that I loved seeing SOME beauty in them.

And the amazing Pinterest office tour, because they don't provide enough inspriation.

And lots and lots of How I Met Your Mother Articles: The Pivotal Moments, The Kids Now and Thoughts on the Finale.

And, last but certainly not least; 17 reasons you SHOULD be rooting for the Badgers. #onwisconsin #gobadgers !!

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