Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apartment LOVE: Lauren Mizrahi

I'm not sure if I could fit all my stuff into a studio, and I'm sort of skeeved out by the idea of being able to see my bed from my kitchen. I also think it's good for my general health as being away from the food has always helped me not eat too much.

But if I did have a studio, I'd also find it difficult to style. However, all these bloggers I've shared, including Lauren below, seem to have it figured out.

Photos and original article via The EveryGirl


  1. totally am not the type to comment, but came across this and may be moving into a studio myself.... always hesitated due to the size constraints and potential awkwardness of the space but this is adorable!!!

    1. So glad you did, and hope all is well! If you do end up moving into a studio, I'm happy to help!