Friday, March 14, 2014

Link Love

Happy Friday! Happy almost St. Patrick's Day! Happy Purim! Happy Pi Day! Happy National Potato Chip Day!

...yes, I had to look that last one up.

Remember when I was thinking about the past? Well, there isn't much Emily doesn't do well and her tips to her high school self were spot on. Sometimes there are so many things I could tell myself. Mostly that it doesn't matter.

Did you watch The Bachelor this week? Holy Moly. Taylor's coffee talk always cracks me up, and this week's covered the show and after the final rose perfect.

I used to not realize that having stress in your life everyday wasn't normal. Incase you're one of those people who never experiences stress, check out these 9 photos to show what it's like.

Where did Alright, alright, alright. come from? Matthew McConaughey's filling us in.

Want to see the story of my life? 30 reasons I know I work in PR, and experience everyday. Especially number 18.

I think I mentioned last week my feelings on the Cookie Dough Oreos. This NYT article on the imitation BLEW MY MIND.

Apparently, according to BuzzFeed, my 19 favorite movies are also horrible. I'm not shocked, I tend to have very discerning taste :)

Holy moly, these closets are swoon-worthy, and come with tips for us normal folks at home.

Paleo Friends, I found a new and awesome blog/recipe site: Against All Grain. Her story is also pretty amazing.

Because I don't praise SJP enough, this interview she did while in Chicago last week, makes me sort of wish I braved the Nordstrom line. But only sort of.

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  1. Another Abby Dunn look a like! Ha, happy national potato chip today!