Friday, March 7, 2014

Link Love

TGIF, right?

And thank god that there are 10 Teenage Heartthrobs still hot today.

It's funny how my type has changed. I used to LOVE Andrew Keegan ("SHIT, Bianca, I'm shooting a nose spray ad tomorrow!") and today I'm more of a Mark Paul fan. Speaking of MPG, Zack Morris was pretttttty creepy when you look at it this way.

Did you catch Oscar Fever? Based on my love for Ellen, I'm watching yesterday's episode right now, I totally did. And thought this time warp from People was fun.

And of course, check out the Pizza Delivery guy on Ellen.

How many of the 25 shopping meccas have you visited? Barb and I are planning a trip to Brimfield this summer. Growing up in Massachusetts, it seems like a crime I've yet to go.

I'm still cracking up at these 30 cats and dogs loosing the battle to human furniture. It so reminds me of Dunk.

This Ikea Hacked Campaign Dresser will be my next DIY project. I'm SWOONING over it, and realllly into campaign dresses these days.

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