Monday, March 3, 2014


Happy March! You know what that means? SPRING is on it's way, no more snow, or ice. "Warmer" weather. [on an unrelated note: to all your LA-ers complaining of rain, I'll take it, I love a good warm rainy day.] Yes, I know I live in Chicago and today and tomorrow we're expecting snow. Regardless, I kind of feel like a I have a little jump in my step today.

This week...

+ is going to be a busy one, Thursday is so far my only open night. Tonight I'm having dinner with my two best friends from college, tomorrow is dinner with a current and past co-worker, Wednesday night I have a catering preview party at one of my clients, where they have pretttttty delicious sushi and Friday night I have a photoshoot/dinner at another client.

+ because of all this, I'll be working out in the mornings, lets see how that goes. I'm hoping better than I'm anticipating. 7 am wake up calls. Woof.

+ I'm starting a new approach to Paleo - with eating out so much, I'm struggling with always wanting a salad. Sometimes girl doesn't want a salad, and sometimes there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating corn, its healthy. So I'm sticking with the paleo, but becoming less strict with it: still following it for at least 2 meals per day and healthy for the last, and cheating and unhealthiness in moderation. Anything is okay in moderation.

+ I've got some reading to do - Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, I'm about half way done and all the way addicted. And Domino Magazine. Have you picked up the new issue yet? I was very excited to see it in my grocery store on Saturday.

+ I promise that next week I won't start this post with the weather report.

+ I developed a rash on my cheek so I'll be hitting up the dermatologists FIRST thing this morning.

+ I have two recipes to share: one paleo, one not.

+ I'm looking forward to being able to shop again. I set the arbitrary date of March 13 as the end day of my month-long challenge NOT to shop and it cannot come sooner. BUT, I will say, it's really made me think more about my purchases and what I want. I think when I come back, there will be a lot less impulse purchases.

+ I reallllly want to see Frozen now.

xo xo xo xo

Currently -
Listening: Vampire Weekend Unbelievers
Eating: Salad, typical.
Drinking: Chai Latte, Almond Milk.
Wanting: Just 5 more minutes of sleep
Needing: Just 5 more minutes of sleep
Thinking: of more and more upcoming blog posts
Wondering: how Ellen does it

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