Monday, March 17, 2014


Is it really Monday again? I swear the weekend's are just not long enough. However, I did read somewhere that a good Sunday can make for a good week, so let's hope yesterday will carry through to Friday.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one.

However, first and foremost, I want to congratulate my big brother and my soon to be sister-in-law on their engagement! I could not be more excited for the two of them, and cannot wait to celebrate them for many years to come. 

I'm making Paleo Fried Rice. I've been hardcore craving it for the last few weeks so I'm going to experiment with cauliflower rice. It won't be 100% paleo though as I plan to put corn and peas in it, because cutting that out is just silly. You can expect the recipe in the coming weeks.

I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day for the first time with Mr. Bennett's family.

We're also celebrating errr steak at Chicago Cut Steakhouse

I actually, believe it or not, as of March 13th, made it a month without shopping. If you of the not believing group, you are not alone. Don't worry, I'm currently working on a wish list of all the items I want now.

I finished Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (Book 5). So I'll be starting on Book 6 immediately. They really are fascinating, and so different than the movies. Yes, I am a nerd.

I'm helping launch a new rewards program and if you're a reader here in Chicago, you should check it out. Selfless is a rewards program where members, in return for donating $9/month, 80% of which goes to a charity of their choice, get access to pretty awesome perks. I've already taken advantage of Equinox's massage upgrade to 80 minutes.

Their launch party is on Thursday night at the Godfrey Hotel. Visit here to RSVP.

Lastly, bring on March Madness.

xo xo xo xo
Currently -
Listening:'s addicting
Eating: Tuna Fish Salad with Avocado instead of Mayo
Drinking: Homemade Arnold Palmer
Wanting: To Shop Again :)
Needing: a vacation
Thinking: I could use a few mroe lipsticks, which colors?
Enjoying: the slightly warmer weather
Wondering: who died on Scandal last week

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