Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New York: I Love You.

I'm not sure if I've said this but not this past weekend but the weekend before I jet set to New York City not for fashion week but to visit one of my best friends and just have one of those perfect weekends. You know what I'm talking about: relaxing and fun, delicious food, shopping and more. It was filled with just enough activities and of course, great friends.

Every time I visit New York, however, I'm reminded of three things:

  1. How much I appreciate living in Chicago
  2. How much I love New York
  3. How much I wish Chicago had some of the things I love about New York
These things you ask?


Not only are they, obviously, INSANELY convenient but you can pretty much find anything in them, and usually things of good quality while also inexpensive. They really are an anomaly.

They have
+ beautiful flowers
+ a serious collection of magazines
+ everything you MAY need at home i.e. toilet paper, bottles of water, etc
+ obscure candy
+ fresh fruit and vegetables...seriously, the freshest.
+ and more!

Please, Chicago, open some, preferably on my corner.


I'm really quite shocked they haven't opened a Chicago studio and I'm fairly certain it's only a matter of time. I'm also fairly certain that I'd happily buy and run a franchise.

Have you tried it yet? As an avid spinner, I absolutely loved it.

I'm also thinking this will be my next candle purchase.

A Subway that you can actually use to get around the whole city.

The El, is needless to say, pretty limited. If you don't live near or on it, or are trying to go somewhere near or on it, you're pretty much restricted to cabbing or taking at least one bus route. Just try getting from my apartment in Lincoln Park to Wicker Park!

Cheap Nail Salons

New York is a far cry from cheap but when it comes to nail salons there's just so much competition they all have to lower their prices. If i could get a manicure in Chicago for $12, I'd probably spend a lot less money on Essie Nail Polishes at Walgreens.

Side note: This is not always something I experience in New York. Whenever I go to Rachel's nail salon, my manicure typically mumbles something under her breath, which I obviously don't understand and just nod and say okay. There goes one add on, then another. I've learned to just say no.

Duane Reade

Speaking of Walgreens, they are CLEARLY the ugly step mother of Duane Reade. I love that place, it's really fantastic. What can't you get there?

Prepared Food Stores on every corner

I'm really looking forward to that Whole Foods opening up less than a mile way next year.

Arnold Palmers

You can get fresh made ones everywhere.

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  1. I made my own Arnold Palmer's last week. Still have some in my fridge :) I'll give you my recipe.