Friday, February 28, 2014

Link Love

Another week and, believe it or not, another Link Love. This week was a good one, and productive again too. And I suppose I did a lot of reading.

Food & Wine Magazine launched a new site for Millenials, called FWx. It's pretty great, and I loved this article about everything you need to know about your date can be learned over Sushi. I guess this means I can continue to always be down for sushi, and according to it, I'm a keeper!

This video, about a little boy in the freezing cold without a jacket, not only warms up the little boy but also warms up my heart.

Remember when I said I wanted to redecorate my bedroom? Rachel Zoe's bedroom is pretty on glam.

I am way more than 100% in agreement with this article: Carrie Bradshaw > Hannah Horvath. HANDS DOWN. I said it. Because "The Manolo-and-Prada filled closet and copious cosmopolitans were secondary to the themes that mattered — friendship, adventure, and always believing in love." Because "Sex and the City was fiction; my friends and I were smart enough to know that. And yet, the over-the-top outfits, the gilded clubs, and the gorgeous real estate gave us a glimpse into Manhattan at its most magical...Sex and the City made us imagine how it could be."

Speaking of Throwback TV, one of my favorites The OC, and the list of the most attractive guys to grace it. Be still my heart, Ryan Atwood. And Welcome to the OC, bitch. This is how it's done in Orange County"

For a girl who sends a lot of mail, i.e. birthday cards, don't be surprised when the next one you get looks like this.

When you want to be jealous, party of one, check out this list of adorably in love couples. Also, couple number 6 is currently inspiring the bridesmaid "dresses" of a future wedding I'll be in. 

Lastly, I have to tell you about the 20% off at J.Crew for Cardholders. Now I know I'm not "shopping" but I did snag this shirt for $2 with the discount and my cardholder quarterly gift card. $2 doesn't count right?

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