Friday, February 21, 2014

Link Love

You guys, I had no idea how long it had been since my last Link Love post. Each week, as I find new articles I open them up in my browser on my phone and store them till Friday and I've been doing it for so long and didn't even realize I hadn't shared in quite some time!

My Uniform for the past week: Hunter Boots, Lululemon, Puffer Vest

I know I'm a bit late on this one but for Valentine's Day Style Me Pretty shared 25 homes to fall in love with. And I just about fell hard for every single one. I especially love how they categorized them all. Don't be surprised when you see all of these in Apartment Love.

Remember last week when I talked about the Ikea Expedit Shelving unit from Ikea? Well the big, okay really big, box store announced today that they would be discontinuing the popular shelving unit. Hysterics ensued.

Speaking of Ikea, here are 5 people who are way more talented than me, and really good at DIY.

10 Interior Design Trends, 30 Rooms that show them off, realistically. Here you go.

I've full on caught the olympic fever and succombed to hours of watching Bobsledding, Curling, you name it. And when I saw this article, I could not agree more with Carly and her NYC Winter Olympics. Chicago's facing the same olympics. I'm looking at you giant puddles from 8 inches of snow fall followed by 40 degree weather days.

Remember how I'm always quoting Sleepless in Seattle when Rosie O'Donnell's character tells Megan Ryan's character that she doesn't want to be in love, she wants to be in love in a movie. Well here's some other things that Romantic Comedies lied to us about, yes, I recognize the irony in that correlation.

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