Monday, February 24, 2014


The 10 day forecast, woof. It's going to cold again and I'm blaming mother nature's indecisiveness on the cold I've got going on right now. What'a bitch.

What I can say is this, March could not come soon enough, hellloooo Saturday.

This week, I don't have a to do list. Let's chalk it up to last week being so productive.

xo xo xo

Currently -
 it's been a songs I know all the words to kind of day :listening
all the yummy food I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday :eating:
homemade arnold palmers, yah I went there :drinking:
 for the second week in a row, spring :wanting:
to renew my SELF and Bon App subscriptions :needing:
of new blog posts, I know how boring this one is :thinking:
Benedryl :enjoying:
 how many days this week I can get away with wearing Lululemon :wondering:

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