Monday, February 17, 2014


...I wish I had a pink tutu.

I know it's been awhile since we've had one of these, between my brief hiatus and my trip to New York, things have been pretty hectic around here and I haven't really gotten back into the swing of things. Hello swing of things, nice to see you.

This week...

+ Ill be back at the gym: Spinning classes, wishing they were Soul Cycle, Yoga Classes, and more.

+ I'm going to register for a 5K this summer. Let's hope my feet will allow it. I'm going to start taking calcium as i heard not having enough can lead to foot cramps. 

+ I want to rearrange my room: move my bed against the back wall. It sounds like a lot of heavy lifting, especially since I may be moving this spring.

+ Speaking of spring, I am SO SO SO sick of winter. The cold temps and the snow. I've had enough. This past weekend, Amy and I were laying around the apartment really struggling. We didn't want to spend the day doing nothing but there's only so much to do when you're couped up in a small apartment. We really just wanted to go for a walk.

+ But being in side so much, I'm doing a fairly decent number of the Oscar Nominations. I watched Philomena and Dallas Buyers Club this past weekend. I'm hoping to finish it up by March 2's show.

+ I'm also doing a good number on Harry Potter and fully immersed in book four. Yes, it is my first time reading the series, I read books 1 - 3 in elementary school and didn't get pulled in enough to continue, let's just say, I'm pulled in now. And the amount of things that were not featured in the movies is BLOWING my mind.

+ Free activities have been good as well as I'm trying not to shop, outside of necessities. Let's see how this goes. March 13 would be one month. 

xo Ox xO xo xo Ox xO xo xo Ox xO xo xo Ox xO xo xo Ox xO xo 

Currently -
Listening: Say Something - A Great Big World & Xtina
Eating: paleo, duh.
Drinking: I really want a fresh Arnold Palmer. Rachel got me hooked.
Wanting: Spring
Needing: to watch Seth Meyer's last SNL, and add the Tonight Show to this week's DVR. Love me some good Jimmy Fallon.
Thinking: Chicago, or my company, should celebrate President's Day
Wondering: if I can make it a month without shopping #ihaveaproblem

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