Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bring on the Quarter Life Crisis

Upon turning 24, it seemed I was ready for the quarter life crisis to hit this January when I turned 25. I guess I can thank my lucky stars myself for deciding to get down to business before January 12, 2014 was upon us.

And get down to business I sure did.

My goals for 24 were well, similar to all my other goals. And like goals, I think i did a good job tackling a number of them.

  1. Learn to say "No" to myself, and not feel guilty for it
    I think something like this comes with both time and practice. And throughout the past year, I'm happy to announce that a girls got needs and learning when to say yes and when to say no certainly helps to satisfy those. Do I want to sit on the couch by myself for a few hours while friends are busy hanging out together? Do I want to skip out on dinner and cook something healthy? Yes. Do I want to skip the gym even though I know i shouldn't? Saying No when it comes to my own sense of self satisfaction is definitely something I'm getting a bit more comfortable with.
  2. ...and say "yes" to things out of my comfort zone
    Well, I did walk into the Farm at Zoo Lights last week. But seriously. I'm giving myself a giant check for this one. This year, I've learned to extend myself a bit and try new things: like a new yoga class all by myself, shopping alone, long walks with no destination in mind, sharing way too many thoughts with close friends.
  3. Become a real person, explained last week, getting up on time, drinking water, eating, and cooking, regular meals, etc. etc.
    Just 5 for minutes. I'm working on it. But as I said last week, I read an article that said you arent supposed to have it all together in your 20s, and I'm taking solace in that.
    And the drinking water gets a big check.
  4. Remember: Just because it fit at one point, doesn't mean it fits now: old jeans, old clothes, old boyfriends
    I think this is something I've happily accepted this year. I've loved to appreciate and often times even romanticize the past. 
  5. Re-design this blog, maybe even buy a domain
    Yes ma'am
  6. Buy more off etsy and other small shops
    Well I'm definitely buying more...I am supporting more small shops, although sadly not as much Etsy as I had apparently hoped. These days I'm loving shopping small online boutiques and stores in Chicago.
  7. Learn to be okay with "I'm sorry"
    I have to remind myself of this sometimes. Sometimes things happen and I'm sorry really does mean I'm sorry
  8. Disconnect from the world
    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. I think it's because 24 was a bit stressful on the work front. It's been great to take time to unwind and forget about everything
  9. Find a doctor in Chicago
    I sure did, and I sure love her
  10. Meet someone to get excited about
    Hi Mr Bennett ;)
  11. ...and because I have too many weddings in 2014, get a boyfriend
    see above ^
  12. Join the Wisconsin Alumni Association
  13. Clean through my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb
    As you'll see in my birthday wish list tomorrow, I need help here. I've gotten into the habit of each season going through my clothes and seeing what I like and do not like but I really need a third party to lay down the law
  14. ...and find new ways to mix it up in new outfits
    Again, I need a third party
  15. Read more
    Yessiree. I read a whole lot this year: The Happiness Project, The Jane Austen Marriage Manual, Why is Everyone Hanging out without me (and other concerns), Seriously...I'm kidding, Girls in White Dresses, By Invitation Only, City Girl, Country Vet, Sense and Sensibility, Sisterhood Everlasting, Pride & Prejudice, Love, Loss & What I Wore, Gone Girl, Wedding Night, Waiting to be Heard, Bond Girl, Revenge Wears Prada, Family Portraits, Lady Catherine and the Real Downton Abbey, Philomena, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Kate: The Future Queen.
  16. Learn a new skill: calligraphy, photoshop, etc.
    There's always next year
  17. Make an address book with birthdays
    I was extremely good with birthdays this year and sent a birthday card to all of my family and close friends and I absolutely loved it. While it was a lot of work, I really learned how a little thing can go such a long way. 
  18. Take and print photos
    I'm having fun playing with my nice camera although I can hardly say I'm one of those people who is always taking pictures and I'm definitely not taking people photos, more so capture images I see around me like beach scenes in St. Maarten and my parents backyard, and of course, Dunkin. He's just so photogenic.
  19. Stop comparing myself
    As I'm writing this, I've convinced myself to go to a yoga class I'm dreading because I know it will make me feel great after, which is what I've been focusing on lately
  20. Recognize my own freedom and independence
    It's recognized, jury's still out on whether I'm doing anything about it
  21. Stay current: on music, gossip, news, technology, politics, economy, etc.
    I can take my DailySkimm Email for this. Each morning, I start of the day knowing what's going on in the world, and hey, can even talk about it educatedly
  22. Go on a real vacation
    St Maarten was very nice :)
  23. Learn to buy myself the big presents
    Oh did I learn this. I'm really enjoying shopping by myself, which previously I only liked doing with my mother, not because it usually means I'm not buying things (love you) but because I value her opinion so much. I'm currently debating between three different things on my birthday wishlist I'd like to buy myself. 
  24. Celebrate my 25th Birthday somewhere fantastic
    We'll see...

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