Monday, January 6, 2014



Here are are at the very first Monday of 2014 and at the very end of my extended Christmas/New Year's vacation. And I'll admit, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Although with today's BITTER cold, seriously, today's high is -12, I'm not sure that today will be that day.

However, once it does warm up, it's full on birthday week. As I said last year, I'm not a birthday person because I hate the attention but I do like the excuse to treat myself.

This week, I'll be treating myself

+ to good meals and great friends with dinner at Homeslice with Dani, Amy, Shelby and Brittney on Wednesday and at Nico with Carly, Alex and Shannon on Thursday.

+ to new episodes of TV: Downton Abbey, Revenge, The Bachelor, Betrayal, New Girl, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire.

+ and some good ol' competition a la the Bachelor Fantasy League.

+ to, probably, some shopping: I ordered this dress in two different sizes so I'm going to have to return one of them. I haven't hit up J.Crew this season yet and I'm looking to buy a Crock Pot and Juicer

+ and to some closet organization because it seems like good timing

+ to a good grocery shopping trip, a big one indeed. As my very first announcement/proclamation, I'll be starting Paleo on Monday, following my birthday of course.

+ to a new and refreshed routine, because it's a new year in more than one way: getting up on time, in fact getting up early, regular work outs, barre and yoga classes and more. I have a feeling an eating routine won't start until next week.

Stay warm out there, Chicagoans!!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Currently -
Listening: Foo Fighters
Eating: Soup!
Drinking: hot tea, from Highclere Castle. Downton Abbey did premiere last night after all
Wanting: for the temperature outside to rise, dramatically
Needing: after this mornings 7 a.m. flight, sleep
Thinking: WARM thoughts
Enjoying: the Hermes Cuff from my parents
Wondering: who will be on my Bachelor fantasy team

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