Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This week...

+ I'm trying a new alarm clock. I downloaded the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock that monitors your sleeping and wakes you up within a half hour of your desired time, during the correct sleep cycle. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed, errr in the wrong REM cycle.

+ I'll be testing out my new Crock Pot and trying out a new recipe, likely to be shared next week. This week I'll be sharing a Venison Lettuce Wrap.

+ I'm SINGING the praises of BaubleBar. I ordered this necklace, in two colors (tortoise & peach), which seemed to get lost. But worry not, they sent me a new order, and threw in a pair of earrings just for my trouble. Now, I've left out some details of this whole ordeal but the main point was that they really understood their client and thought about their needs. If only my IT guys at work could take a lesson from them.

+ I took advantage of J.Crew's Member Only Sale. I snagged these Diamond Print Minnie Pants. Did you get anything?

+ I'm hoping to book a flight to New York City. I think it's been over a year since my last trip and Rachel's brief stint in Chicago last weekend made me really want to return the favor. I'm thinking a weekend of delicious food, fun workouts [read: SoulCycle], shopping and more might be perfect right about now.

+ I'd like to get back to commenting on my blog list. I read A LOT of blogs daily, seriously you should see my bookmarks manager, and I've been seriously bad about leaving my thoughts and love.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Currently -
Listening: I've had Timber stuck in my head for DAYS
Eating: Salad with Left Over Tilapia For Lunch
Drinking: Water with a splash of FRESH lemon, we're moving up in the world
Wanting: D'Orsay Heels or Flats. Helloooo zappos.
Needing: To hard boil a half a dozen eggs, I had too much to do last night and forgot
Thinking: this could be the year I watch all 9 movies nominated for Best Picture. I've got 7 to go!
Enjoying: how not eating cheese or legumes is making my tummy feel
Wondering: Where my Krass & Co Shorts that I ordered in December are

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