Monday, January 13, 2014


[beautiful flowers from Mr. Bennett that I, swear to god, didn't even want to leave this morning]

Good morning and good week. I first off want to thank everyone for so much birthday love. I was so humbled by how wonderful my friends and family are to me with their outpouring of well wishes. It was so fantastic being able to celebrate my birthday with so many great people. Thank you so much.

And on to the next year...

Today marks the very first day of my Paleo diet, which I've challenged myself to do for 30 days, then 60, and then, if I'm very dedicated, a year. It also marks the day I'm getting back down to business in working out. Hello, 6am spinning class :)

So with that, today..

I'm telling you a bit about Paleo, cause I apologize, I have a feeling you're going to begin to hear a lot about it on this blog via This Week posts, recipes and more.

Paleo Dos:
 + Lean Meats
 + Fish
 + Eggs
 + Vegetables
 + Fruits
 + Nuts & Seeds

Paleo In Moderation:
 + Coffee & Tea
 + Wine, Beer & Spirits
 + Healthy fats: Olive, Avocado, Walnut and Flaxseed Oil
 + Dried Fruit

Paleo Don'ts:
 + Dairy
 + Cereal Grains
 + Cereal-Grainlike Seeds 
 + Legumes
 + Starchy Vegetables
 + Salt Containing Foods
 + Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices
 + Sweets
 + Salt Containing Foods

xO Ox xO Ox xO Ox xO Ox xO Ox xO Ox xO Ox 

Currently -
Listening: Nora Jones, Mister Bennett and I were listening on Saturday night and I've been listening ever since
Eating: PALEO, hard boiled eggs and cantaloupe for breakfast, salad with grilled chicken for lunch, turkey stuffed peppers for dinner
Drinking: Water, Green Tea, La Croix
Wanting: to do a Shop My Closet for February
Needing: to see so many movies before the Oscars on March 2, hello 101 list.
Thinking: some of my packages are taking a very long time to arrive
Enjoying: my new flower vases from my roommates
Wondering: how many people unfriended me on Facebook yesterday, it was my birthday after all. 


  1. I'm going to be checking here for easy to follow recipes! Get excited I've been doing it a week and seriously already feel sooo much better!!! Totally cuts out the unnecessary sugary snacking!

    1. So far so good. I'm missing salt today. First recipe coming Wednesday, hoping to do one a week!