Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear C. Wonder,

Dear C. Wonder,
As an avid fan of yours, and frequenter of your Soho store whenever a visitor to New York City. I am writing today to ask you to please please please open a store in Chicago, IL. I will be happy to oversee it, fully support it, through buying all the merchandise, and, of course, promote it. 

Ok, I guess I'm not actually writing a letter but I should. Because boy do I love C.Wonder!

For those of you who are not familiar with C Wonder, it is the fantastic pet project of Chris Burch, yes of the well known designer, in fact, ex-husband of Tory Burch. While there was quite some squabbles in the beginning (Tory sued her ex, a member of her brand's board and key shareholder, and the company as she believes it bears a striking resemblance to her fashion empire, right down to the logo.

To quote, "The queen of preppy, country club wear and gold logo-ed ballet flats was now rivaled by a similar “lifestyle” brand that veered dangerously into the realm of preppy chic. C. Wonder is a store where anything can be monogrammed and waspy glamour reigns supreme."

However, Burch (male Burch, this is getting confusing) wanted to create a brand rooted in luxury with low-to-medium priced goods, clothing, accessories and housewares.

I've been online shopping it a lot. All online of course. As stated above, I'm desperately waiting for them to open a Chicago location. Plus, the sales are always pretty decent too. 

I say we all right them a letter.

Speaking of letters, did you notice their logo, it's like everything's monogrammed specifically for me. And, for those of you without C names, they have a monogram store. 

[Neon Lucite Frame / Ikat Dinnerware / Flag Picture Frame (also available with Union Jack)]

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Devon Dyer

This week's apartment love, once again, comes from Glitter Guide and features Devon Dyer. And, Dyer's one of those girls I love to follow, especially on pinterest and instagram. And, I'm digging her digs.

Her take on her home, she loves to find quirky accents that reflect her personality, combining wild colors and retro styles. It makes for a great combo, if you ask me.

Monday, July 29, 2013



This week...

+ I'm going back to the gym. I've been on an almost two week hiatus from the place and am desperate to go back. No no, I was not just being lazy. I somehow have acquired some severe foot pain whenever I walk more than 3 city blocks, so the gym, even the elliptical, was out.

+ Yes, I lied last week. I ventured back to the gym Monday morning to encounter the elliptical issues I hinted at above and instead spent a lot of time icing. My advice for those with foot pain, or possible plantar fasciitis, tennis balls and frozen water bottles work wonders. 

+ No, I did not run the big 10 10k/5k. I will next year though.

+ I am in search of something to make my mirror a tad taller. I was going for a 6 ft high mirror and instead opted for 4 ft so I need to find a way to boost it up a bit. I'm thinking a shoe rack like this.

+ ...totally going to find a way to get that shoe bookshelf somehow, one way or another. Muahaha.

+ I did some research and some brainstorming to figure out how to turn standing frames into hanging frames. I think sawtooth nails may be the winner

+ I got my hands on People's Special Edition Royal Family issue :)

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Listening: Bruises by Train. I could listen to this over and over again.
Eating: Nothing, need to go to the grocery store real bad.
Drinking: water, with lemon, which I read is even better than it is just taste-y. Thanks pinterest.
Feeling: like today may be the week I stop being a waste of space
Wanting: someone to invent a machine that puts my clothes away after I either wear them, either in the laundry basket or back in their respective place 
Needing: a serious spending freeze
Thinking: lovely thoughts :)
Enjoying: the weather, it feels like fall is in the air. Although it is a bit early.
Hoping: Shelby finishes reading the New "J.K. Rowling" book. I'm not an HP fan but this one sounds good.
Wondering: when the rest of my C.Wonder order is going to get here? Eeee.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"He has got her looks, thankfully."

...said the doting father. But he's also got his dad's heir and now we know, his grandmother's name(s).

Well, family and friends, I'm happy to welcome my nephew, George Alexander Louis Wales. Mom, dad and baby, err - His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, seem to be doing fine and are just exuding happiness, with a hint of exhaustion on the side.

And I'm also praying that I can look that good just a few short days after I give birth. I think the second biggest question, at this very documented moment, is how Richard Ward got past all the paparazzo?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Nordstrom!

You know the saying Christmas in July? Well, I'm a strong believer that the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is what they're talking about.

A yearly sale, markdowns on Fall, before the season even begins. You can see my love for this sale here.

Count me in.

Now, if only money grew on trees.

Without further ado, my picks:

P.S. Last week's unbearable heat. It appears I've caught my fall bug. See here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Catherine Sheppard

I love this home. And I love even more that it's owner, Catherine Sheppard, used 3 words to describe it.

Sparkly. Spikey. Spunky.

And I couldn't agree with her more.

Photos courtesy of: The Glitter Guide