Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Ideal Bookshelf

...or Coffee Table.

You'll notice number 27 on my list of 101 things is to purchase 10 coffee table books.

Yes, I like coffee table books. There's just something relaxing and mindless about perusing a beautiful book and reading fun tid bits. There's also something beautiful about these covers. How they add color and fun and height and depth to any interior.

One day, I hope to have color coded bookshelves (preferably something like the Ikea Expedit) line with them and coffee tables piled to the perfect height.

So which books would you fill your shelves and tables with? These are a few of mine*

*some I own, some I want to own and just swoon over in my Amazon shopping cart

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Alexandra Berlin Kaehler

I think I might stalk this girl. Ok, I know I do. I read her blog everyday, and kind of instagram stalk her too. And her home, it's pretty amazing. Everything I'd love. Greys, Blues, Blacks, Whites and Pops of Color like Gold and Pink. My favorite.

Photos courtesy of: Alexandra Kaehler Design / Glitter Guide / Things that Sparkle Blog

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Week...

Happy Tuesday! This week...I have a confession. It's Tuesday and I'm already exhausted. Probably because I flew home from NYC yesterday morning at 745 EST, i.e. 645 CST, ie I had to get up at 515 EST, i.e. 415 CST i.e I'm tired.

That was a lot of i.e.s.


I digress. This Week...

+ As stated above, I'm recovering from NYC. It was fun, relaxing and just a little bit crazy, and a lot of bit of drinking.

+ I have super bad blisters. Do you know if someone can be more prone to blisters? I seem to ALWAYS have them.

+ I'm quite far into Pride and Prejudice for the hundredth time and loving it, yet again.

+ My roommates moving so we're throwing a going away party to send her off.

+ I need to catch up on last week's TV shows...shh no spoilers.

+ ...and last week's blog roll!

Currently - 
Listening: The Les Mis Soundtrack, it's just too good and Aaron Tveit is just so pretty
Eating: Scrambled Eggs and avocado
Drinking: lots and lots of water
Feeling: a little bit of pain, thankssss blisters...not
Wanting: someone else to magically unpack me from this weekend
Needing: to be productive and catch up on work from my day off last week
Thinking: about what I want to get with my $50 gift cards to J.Crew
Enjoying: being back in the grind: am workouts, homemade dinners, etc.
Wondering: Is it Friday yet??

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made

Yes, ladies and gentleman, last night, I flew off to New York for a much needed break from Chicago, see friends and enjoy myself.

Sometimes, that's just what a girl needs.

Currently, I'm sitting in the front row. This week, I did something daring. While it might back fire in disappointment, it might just be fantastic. I dare you to do something scary too.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

LC for Kohl's

Over a year ago, I mentioned my love of Lauren Conrad's line for Kohl's. It's pretty fantastic and I'd like to order some of this spring/summer collection. What do you think?