Friday, December 20, 2013

Link Love


Happy Friday!

  1. I meant to post this last week but Doc Rivers return to the Garden was fantastic. As he said, "This is such a neat place. People don't get Boston. They don't undersatnd. It is a special, different place. They cheer for their teams. The best decision I ever made was when I decided to come here."
  2. 20 Shocking and Unexpected Facts You Learn in Your 20s. I could not agree with numbers 2, 5, 7, 9 and 13 more.
  3. You can always count on Refinery29 for something great. And this Kale & Chickpea salad sounds divine.
  4. I'd like to visit this smart piano at Union Station, and am kind of proud of Chicago for coming up with this!
  5. If you're looking to warm up your heart a bit this holiday season, watch this video of one husband who wore a Tutu for a year to cheer up his wife while she went through chemo.
  6. 19 Products that will make your life easier in 2014. I've been talking about a waterproof Ipod for years now.
  7. This video of a man joining strangers phone conversations in the airport had me laughing out loud.
  8. I took this How British Are You Quiz. Apparently I'm as British as Stephan Fry walking a corgi outside Buckingham Palace. I'm awkward, easily embarrassed, sickeningly polite. I'm as British as they come. Yay, looks like Harrys rubbing off on me.
  9. I spend each year looking forward to DJ Earworm's US of POP Yearly Mash Up. And this year's, and more, are out.
  10. Amy Poehler's pretty brillant, huh?

I'm taking a break over the holidays so I'll be back soon. Until then, Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours.


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