Friday, December 13, 2013

Link Love


Another week come and gone and here we are back at Friday. Hello again, good friend.

This week, there was a lot of link love. Each week, I keep links all over the place, on post notes at my desk, on the sticky pad app on my computer, on my phone, just open in my phone's safari, in my email in box. And this week, like recent weeks, there was a lot of notes.

+ As a some what of restaurant industry member, and very much so a restaurant frequenter, I loved this article from Thrillest, and yes, recognized almost every character casted.

+ Yes, I said yesterday, I'm in desperate need of some holiday cheer in the form of holiday movies, and the thought of this one, even though fake, would have me RUSHING to theaters.

+ Are you loving Badger Basketball as much as me?? 11-0, 4th in the Nation. Well, then you'll probably recognize at least one of these 26 signs you've lived in Madison, WI.

+ Speaking of my hometowns, Buzzfeed put together 31 ways 2013 was the most Boston year ever, for better and for unspeakable worse.   

+ This 100 Year Old Woman might be the cutest thing ever. #itwasalwaysMarvin

+ Speaking of cute, these puppies learning to howl had Dunkin running around the kitchen confused. This was also extremely adorable given Dunkin's penchant for fake crying and forgetting to stop wagging his tail. 

+ #TeamAidan...I wouldn't be upset if someone called me PopTart....also, I heard I missed out on Pumpkin PopTarts this year, ugh.

+ Because god may not even know where we're going to need our next Caffeine fix, we can at least count on Starbucks to open an obscure location for us.

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