Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A Year In Reflection

As today marks the last Monday of the year, and the second to last day of the year, I wanted to spend it reflecting on the past 51 Mondays, 364 days, and I guess year too. [Apparently, we're also doing a lot of math.]

Forewarning: the next two weeks, like the first two weeks of every year tend to be filled with reflections and resolutions. I apologize in advance. Tomorrow, I'll be recapping all of my 2013 resolutions, and then next week, I'll be recapping all my 24th year of life resolutions. Again, sorry.

Wrote my very first guest post on elembee's blog
Celebrated my birthday with close friends at Sunda
Caught a Second City show
Took a class at Bottle and Bottega with the roommates

Started my longest Blog Series to date: Apartment LOVE
Watch Badger Basketball take on Ohio State at the Kohl Center, and somehow ended up in this video
Visited my best friend in New York City for a fun, getaway weekend
Became a PROUD member of Starbucks GOLD

Said goodbye to a close friend, and roommate when she moved for greener, I mean warmer pastures in LA
Enjoyed every moment of the Big 10 Basketball Tournament with the roomie, and bumping into Bucky Badger on the street beforehand
Laughed my way through Book of Mormon
Was a victim of theft: my computer and wallet
Traveled to Florida, via first class, with my parents to visit the grandparents for Passover
Ate at a delicious Greek restaurant in Fort Lauderdale
Won my office March Madness Pool, which made the Badgers loosing so early hurt a little less
Learned to roll sushi at a client event

Welcomed Shelby, and her delicious baked goods, into our apartment
Tried, and hated, Bubble Tea in Chinatown, Chicago
Mourned and Prayed for my hometown of Boston, MA

Took Shelby and Amy back east for Memorial Day, history and lake time
Semi Stalked the TODAY show in Chicago

Tried out having a guest blogger on this old blog of mine
Completed a Color Run
...which happened to be one of the easiest 5K's I've ever run
Started addictively spray tanning, for the summer
...and simultaneously becoming an avid sunscreen wearer
Went on a pretty good first date with someone special

Celebrated the 4th of July where it actually happened
Dropped a ski waterskiing
Took in a Dispatch Concert at the Charter One Pavilion

Went to Lolla for the first time, sang along to the Killers, Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, and more with the beautiful Chicago skyline as a background
Ran a 5K with my two best friends from college, all of us were shocked it happened

Celebrated my mom's birthday with her for the first time since I was in HS
Purchased my bridesmaid dress for my cousin's wedding this coming summer
Welcomed one of my bestest friends from college to Chicago
Experienced Twitter Shopping with Philip Lim for Target

Cheered on my brother's alma mater is the POURING rain at his homecoming
Attended Hannah's Gala benefitting Gateway Arts in Boston

Roasted a chicken for the first time, ever
Celebrated my parent's 30th Anniversary with a trip to St. Maarten

Picked out and decorated a Christmas tree for the first time
Attempted to cure my chronically dry feet
Spent Christmas in Chicago/Away from home for the first time, ever

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