Sunday, November 24, 2013

Link Love

As I said on Wednesday, I may not be blogging as much over the next few weeks, but I'm certainly still reading through my lengthy blogroll. Seriously, its length: 54, and growing!


So of course, I'm bringing some Link Love to you today.

+ Holiday Gift Guides are out and these make shopping for the holidays so much easier - one // two // three //

+ The EveryGirl launched their very own shop, If I had room on my walls, or one less cell phone cover, I'd be scooping it all up. Congrats girls!

+ Chicago Food Scene Gossip: Eataly is slated to open December 2, and this rundown makes me so so excited for the day!

+ While we're on that topic, two of my clients made their own very big announcements this week - one // two //

+ Tidy Tips from Caitlin + Caitlin, because not even their rooms are always perfect clean and styled for a photo shoot

+ I know I already shared these digs back in October, but Glitter Guide has even more insight into the ladies behind and the offices Sugar Paper.

+ I just about DIED when I saw this, a little boy cuddling/napping with his puppy brother. I seriously recommend you follow this mom on Instagram.

+ This one, I shared with my company: 10 ways to become a better worker TODAY. You can always count on Forbes for stuff like this.

+ Mark this as another one for SOMEDAY. Someday, I'd really like a Moroccan Wedding Blanket, and check out how these ladies styled theirs.


  1. Thanks a lot for the links ! Love your blog ! Xoxo from France. Lily

    1. So glad you enjoy, and very jealous of your hometown. Love from Stateside, Carly