Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Catherine Kwong

Remember a few weeks back I mentioned that Rue Magazine really killed it in their latest edition? Well the feature with 7 young designers and their homes was what I was talking about.

And today, I'm sharing one of these: Catherine Kwong.

Catherine's home was a 70s dream that she was able to strip down to its bones and make into a 2010s dream. Starting with her inspiration from a certain J.Crew President and Creative Director I tend to talk about often's Brooklyn Brownstone, which was published in an old Domino Magazine. [p.s. It's back and I totally called it and I totally love it.] We're talking about Jenna Lyons.

She called Lyons' home, "the townhouse that launched a thousand remodels...it spoke to me because it's so beautifully balanced, with vintage elements but a decidedly modern look - glamorous but comfortable." And Catherine put a California spin on this for her home.

As she says, "Homes are not the same as showrooms. They should invite you in and put you at ease."

Check out the full article: here.

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