Monday, November 18, 2013



This week...

+ I'm kicking butt with working out everyday and eating healthy. Hey, I even worked out on Saturday! I have 3 sessions planned with the trainer, and two yoga classes on the books. Let's see if I can pull this off.

+ I'm kind of having the shopping itch. J.Crew's newest additions: KILLING it. This sweater. and this one too. These cashmere waffle leggings, I die. This peasant top. Some flannel (one / two). This graphic tee and this polka-dot striped number. And this skirt too. I'm also really liking these new balance sneaks. And last but not least, I mayyyy be buying this jacket.

+ Don't worry, I already bought these trays in all three colors and these amazing winter boots.

+ I'm also planning on hitting up Anthropologie

+ Is my office party. We're having pizza, salads, sliders and apps plus beer, wine and cocktails. Can you believe it's already time of office and holiday parties? And hanukkah, and thanksgiving? Before we know it it will be christmas and new years!

+ This can all only mean that it's now socially acceptable for me to rehang my holiday decorations. Feel free to judge, I don't care.

+ And I'll probably listening to celebrity versions of holiday songs, my favorite!

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Currently -
Listening: Celebrity versions of Holiday Songs, duh. Or Passenger, Let Go. My new favorite song.
Eating: Healthy.
Drinking: La Croix Lime
Wanting: See above.
Needing: Caffeine and puppy cuddling
Thinking: about my weeks meal plan
Enjoying: the thought that I will be in St. Maarten in 1 week and 2 days.
Wondering: How time flies?

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