Friday, October 18, 2013

Link Love

+ Sherry's personality just cracks me up, I want to be friends with her, and apparently she's now in a loving relationship with Jonathan Adler (younghouselove)

+ Something about the weather turning has me leaning more towards red wines, I had a delicious malbec on Wednesday night. Now, I have this graph to help me too. (cupcakes&cashmere)

+ Apparently, according to the eight of things that every woman should have, I need a karaoke song (thought catalogue)

+ I'm really lusting after department stores and their international love. First it was Bloomingdales and London, now it's Nordstrom and France. I'd like all the Merci, Frenchie and Laduree items please.

+ I'm fairly certain I'm guilty of about 20 of the 27 things white girls love more than Starbucks. (thougth catalogue)

+ I'm waiting on my roommate to give me a CAD playdate. Until then, I'm playing on Homestyler. It's like SIMs but real life homes.

+ I seriously love love, and nothing more than a good love story and Lauren's finally sharing hers. (Aspiring Kennedy)

+ Can someone find me a tree stump so I can make this? (a pair & a spare)

+ This Commencement Speech may just be the best commencement speech I've ever heard. Certainly tops mine.

Happy Friday, ya'll!

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