Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Have you heard the news?

Last week, Domino Media Group announced that Domino Magazine is back. And I'm happy to state that I called it.

The magazine will be returning as first and foremost a website accompanied by a quarterly print magazine with Michelle Adams of Lonny, and a former writer for the very magazine, at the helm. You can say I'm pretty excited.

In her first Letter from the Editor, she wrote, "Thanks to you, the passion for domino never died. In fact, we have ever reason to believe that it's only grown stronger. During the four years since the last issue was published, we've rethought the way we do business. Our big, new idea - which we think is pretty clever - is to let you shop directly from our features while you read the. So what does this mean? No more hunting for products, calling up showrooms, or bouncing around from site to site: we've made a fully shoppable marketplace so you can add items to your card whenever you see something you like. Or you can save them for later. Once again, we help you bring your style home - but this time, we can actually deliver it straight to your doorstep."

Uh oh.

The Holiday print issue is now on shelves and includes tips on throwing last minute parties and a look inside Coco Chanel's Paris home, with suggestions on furniture options in the same style as her vintage decor. You should probably go pick up an issue, or head to their site.

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