Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apartment LOVE: Lauren Knight

Lauren Knight is one of my favorite bloggers. I swear sometimes it reads like a love poem to my favorite city, London, which is where she lives with her husband, Tyler, and daughter, Viola. 

[Side note: Viola, is one of the most adorable and well dressed babies. Watch out Prince George, this girls coming for you! You should probably follow her on instagram for those pictures. I digress]

Her and her husband's home is "a small but perfectly arranged flat in Notting Hill, West London is a testament to their love of traveling, the small pleasures and, most of all, each other."

They're big travelers and "this wanderlust definitely influences the way Lauren and Tyler decorate their home: every souvenir tells a story, and the walls and bookshelves are scattered with photos of the couple, living it up, and yes, kissing, in locations all over the globe."

Photos courtesy of and full story on Apartment Therapy


  1. how sweet! i'm just seeing this. thanks so much!!! :) i'm flattered that you posted our home here. :) xo

    and yes, watch out georgie!!! ;)

    1. Of course! I am so so jealous of your life, my 6 months living in Notting HIll was NOT ENOUGH.