Thursday, October 17, 2013


The other night, I was thinking about blog names. 

My dad thought of mine. It was the fall of my Junior year in college and I had planned to spend my spring semester in London. You all know that part. But you don't know that I spent the majority of that semester trying to set up a summer job so when I returned home, I was on track to become a real person at the end of college. Rookie Mistake.

One of the jobs I was applying for was for a Travel PR agency and so I quickly decided it was a better time to set up my blog than waiting until winter break. So in a fury to apply for the job, I logged onto blogger, blogged my very first post and hit publish. But first, I needed to name it.

Naturally, I called my parents and my dad was quick to say what about Carly on queue. I liked it. And I liked it even more for its cleverness and double meaning: Queue which refers to a line in England, Carly On Line, and Cue which typically signals to someone to begin talking, Carly on Cue. Alas, this little blog of mine was born.

Yes, there was a brief stint when I was blogging this blog under a separate name because I was no longer in London but carlyonqueue just became part of me so I moved everything over.

Now why am I telling you this? Well because the other night when I was thinking about blog names it occurred to me how I apparently had missed memo about creating a blog with two of my interests or loves, separated, most typically, by an ampersand or other times just the word and. I was looking through my blog roll and there's just so many of them:

You get the point. So then I started to think, what would mine the way, I would totally use an ampersand, I love how fun they are.
  • Stilettos & Pumps
  • Badgers & Blueberries
  • East & Midwest
  • Frosting & Candles
  • Froyo & Fun
  • Glitter & Booties
  • Sparkle & Sugar
  • Cashmere & Cake
  • Scarfs & Puppies
  • Dunkin & Pumpkins
  • Chicago & Love
  • Lobster & Literature
  • Latte & Love (i like this one)
  • Gold & Chevron

How did these ladies pick just two? And how on earth did they make them sound so naturally put together? What would you pick?

Correction: My mother never gets credit for anything clever and apparently she came up with Carly on queue.

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