Monday, October 7, 2013



It's been a week since I took a mental re-set and I'm happy to report things are going well. So I won't bore you with the details re: my new attempt at being less of a waste of space. 

  • Listening: I'm listening to music I can sing along to. There's nothing better than blaring music so loud that my voice even sounds on tune. Emphasis on the even.
  • Eating: Last night, Amy, Marni and I went to Eleven City Diner to get soup and salad, typical I know. They screwed up and accidentally made two of Amy's salad order and we didn't realize until we got home. While my chicken noodle soup was delicious, I think I may go back tonight for matzoh ball soup and my actual salad order.
  • Drinking: I'm still drinking water with a splash of lemon. Its my favorite and makes me drink far too much water. And, I had some caffeine, of course. Green Tea.
  • Feeling: I'm feeling a bit uninspired, hence, why this post is just an expanded currently list. But, I do have some posts lined up for later this week.
  • Wanting/Needing: This weekend, the roommate and I are headed up to Madison for homecoming, the football game and some fun in our old stomping grounds. I'm wanting, and needing, and refusing to leave without the Pasta Fagioli and Chicken Vegetable Soup recipes from Gino's, which is closing at the end of the month.
  • Thinking: I'm thinking I'll be taking photos of my outfits all week long. Before into bed last night, I had already decided todays; outfit. Check out instagram for now and ootd later. The weather's perfect for getting dressed, it's finally my favorite season.
  • Enjoying: My brother and his lady were in town for his 5 year reunion so we got to spend plenty of time together, grabbing meals and venturing up to his old stomping grounds to catch the OSU-NU game. Minus the ridiculous monsoons during the day, it was a pretty great weekend. 
  • Wondering: I have a staff meeting today so I can't attend my favorite yoga class. I'm hoping I can find another class to go to this week. 

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