Monday, October 28, 2013



This week is yet another week. As the days go by, I really do think there should be an extra day in the weekend, and they do say that studies show people are more successful in four day weeks rather than five day weeks.

I vote we move to that.

Currently -
Listening: Let's have a Kiki. My trainer played it for me last week, it's so weird.
Eating: m2 cafe
Drinking: Steamed and Frothed Milk 
Wanting: to wish my big brother a very happy birthday, he'll be 28 tomorrow!
Needing: a Meg Ryan movie marathon
Thinking: what should I dress up as this weekend: Pumpkin or Ballerina
Enjoying: the Red Sox in the World Series
Wondering: how it's going to be November already? Madness

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