Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I'm back. And, hopefully, better than ever.

You see, I was having a rough week last week, and the week before, and the week before that. I know, you're probably feeling like I'm saying this every Monday but it's been a rough couple of months with some things in my life.

 I kind of felt like I was in a rut. Hell, I may have been in a rut. And being in a rut, isn't exactly conducive to blogging. Things that I was hoping would happen, didn't happen. Changes I was excited about, didn't come through, and things I was trying to accomplish, were just a bit too far out of my reach.

But, after a week of not putting any pressure on myself, by Wednesday of last week, I had even abandoned the gym, and a weekend spent relaxing and spending time with my mom here in Chicago, I'm back this week with a new outlook, new tactics for accomplishing goals and, you guessed it, new blog posts.

I promise, next Monday will not be a repeat of the last few Mondays.

Thus, without further ado. This week...

+ I'm only thinking lovely thoughts!

+ I started going to yoga again. I went to this class and decided, it was the most utterly perfect thing to do on a Monday afternoon. I'll be there every Monday, in case you want to join me.

+ Speaking of, in my class, like in most yoga classes, our instructor asked us to set an intent for the class, and for once, I really did and decided to just let myself relax and enjoy. In addition, she also likened the class to a cleaning, just like we would go through rooms and purge it of the bad, and yes, bring in some fantastic new things. I liked that.

+ I'm cooking dinner. Tonight I made a large salad and slightly baked some salmon, (I like mine on the rare side). Bonus: there's leftovers for lunch tomorrow and Wednesday. (Thursday and Friday will be turkey wraps, yes I bought it already, Wednesday dinner will be spaghetti squash.) 

+ I know what you're thinking: who are you?

+ I'm in the market for a new agenda and dying to get my hands on this one, in polka dot, which seems to be sold out everywhere. Can you believe it's already time to be thinking about agenda's for next year?

+ I'm dying to decorate my apartment for Halloween but really struggling with committing to this. As opposed to the winter holidays, this one just seems to be a challenge to subtlety add the season to the apartment. I'm thinking a few pumpkins here and there may do just the trick. 

+ Did I mention I went on an organizing spree last week and purchased all new hangers for my closets? Now they are all so pretty with the velvet wire hangers. I highly recommend htis if you're looking for a quick fix to sharpen up to your closet. One day, I'll do this though.

+ My brother and his girlfriend are coming to town this weekend for his 5 year reunion. I'm excited to host them again PLUS we'll be heading up to my brother's alma mater to watch them attempt to do what my alma mater, tear, couldn't do: beat OSU.

Thanks for hanging in there last week, guys!!

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo 

Currently - 
Listening: I101.
Eating: White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Luna Bar 
Drinking: Pumpkin Coffee, 1 equal, Skim Milk
Feeling: Motivated, for the first time in awhile
Wanting: it to be Thursday: SCANDAL IS BACK!
Needing: to map out my Blog Calendar, I've had some ideas flowing and links saved to share since last Friday
Thinking: About joining a CSA, I was reading about it at the Farmer's Market last week!
Enjoying: the beginning of apple season
Wondering: Where September went? Seriously, does anyone else feel like it just never happened and October snuck up on us?!

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