Wednesday, September 4, 2013

May Designs

As I've been hinting at, a few weeks back, my trainer and I made a plan to get back on track. The summer was just killing me and I was really struggling with getting a routine started and sticking to it. So, we did some thinking about what works and what doesn't for me and how to come up with a plan that is not only attainable but also accountable.

Enter my two new purchases: My Fitbit and May Designs Calorie and Exercise Journals.

These books come in a variety of patterns, seriously, I could have spent hours designing books, with different ways to monogram and plenty of fonts. After countless hours of playing around, I settled on these three but knew I would be back after 3 months was up. 

Each of these books, comes with 40 pages and its your choice what to fill the pages with. I opted, slash this was the whole purpose of my venturing to the website, to get the Calorie & Fitness Tracker journal but you can do calendars, meal plans, budgeting trackers, wedding, bump or baby diaries, kids coloring books, etc. You name it, they have it.

So now, each day, I don my teeny tiny fitbit on my bra strap and my journal in tow. At the end of each day, I fill in the amount of steps I've taken, the miles walked and the calories burned, which my fitbit gathers, and send a text with all this info to my trainer. 

Now that is what I call accountability.

What are your secrets to maintaing a routine of being healthy and happy? Yes, it's a difficult juggling act.

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