Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Work: J.Crew

To me, August has always meant one thing.


Now, I'll admit, I haven't actually gone back to school now in quire some time, but I still am a huge advocate for the occasion. And, if you follow me on Instagram know, I'm a strong advocate that it's okay to go back to work shopping each fall.

So, I though it was only natural to dedicate a series just to this. So over the next few weeks, probably too many, I'll be documenting my picks for fall from some of my favorite stores.

And today, we're starting with my favorite: J.Crew

In my opinion, year after year after year, J.Crew has KILLED it with their fall collection. And, expecting nothing less, I began wishlisting their fall. While I was disappointed, my credit card was excited that I was able to narrow it down to under 20 products. Don't worry, I haven't bought that many...yet.

But I will be armed with my $50 fall rewards gift card and $150 gift card, (Thanks Uncle Steven and Fam).

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