Tuesday, August 20, 2013

101 in 1001 - Update

It's crazy how fast a year flies by and I cannot believe that today marks 365 days since I began my 101 in 1001 list. I'm happy to report I'm making quite a bit of progress and looking forward to crossing out more and more as we continue on this journey.

It's funny in such a short period of time how so many things have changed and I'm now realizing I just might not get around to but either way, in 635 days, I'll be celebrating.

Some highlights -

Crossed off:

  • Writing the list, which may have been one of the more fun tasks I've had in awhile. It's fun to do something just for you, not because it's due or a client is waiting on it.
  • I've so so loved hearing from readers who have started their own lists. Have you started your own? I'd LOVE to see it.
  • The Blog Redesign I am so happy with the work that Danielle did with this blog and have really enjoyed taking it to the next level.
  • Speaking of, I've purchased Adobe Creative Suite for Dummies and started refreshing all my skills outside of Indesign, my program of choice 
  • I've been LOVING sending cards. It is just so wonderful to surprise people and make them feel really appreciated. It's been a wonderful new habit. Oh and I am my mother now. I'm also working on those handwritten notes, too!
  • I think I wasn't generous or realistic enough. 100 recipes to try but only 30 restaurants?!
  • I really enjoyed Etsy and keep favoriting different shops but I really need to buy more...ok, I don't need to but I want to.

Yet to come:

  • I'm really working on becoming a real person
    • Becoming a morning person and being productive before work hours and not sleeping the weekends away
    • I'm working on creating a routine. Recently it's been a 7:15 wake up call from mom [pathetic, I know] followed by a work out all before starting the work day. I'm really loving it.
    • Some days, I even run in the a.m.s...I'm working on getting my endurance back since my foot injury bedriddened me a few weeks back
  • I've been to Navy Pier a few times this summer and have YET to make it on that famous ferris wheel
  • I'm getting in the habit of preparing meals on week days, although I confess a lot of times it's just a simple turkey sandwich. I need to step it up a notch and hit up the farmer's markets, actually cook things from the ba-jillion magazines I subscribe to, find new recipes etc.
  • I have so many crafts, I'm just waiting for the weather to turn to craft season i.e. not beautiful weather that I feel guilty sitting inside with a glue gun [total loser here]
  • I need to bring someone over to go through my closest with me.
  • St. Martin, booked. See you in November.

Someday maybe:

  • Business School: I've got some updates on life coming soon so I've placed this on the back burner for some time
  • I hate our couch, like really hate but buying a new piece of furniture just isn't in the budget right now. Someone put it to me perfectly the other day, "its a first couch out of college kind of couch." 
  • Those Monolos...they're just screaming my name. I also want to add a pair of Brian Atwoods and L.K. Bennetts to the list
  • I always said if I was going to run a Marathon it needed to be somewhere I won't get bored, hence London. But I'm just not sure that's going to happen. I'd sooner do a Tri than a Marathon these days.
P.S. We'll be back with your regularly scheduled Apartment LOVE post next week :)

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