Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Half Birthday to Me!

I kind of let something slide last week. It was my half birthday.

Now, I'm a few days late but I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit one of my many lists of things I want to do/accomplish. This one, is the 24 things I wanted to do before I turn 25.

So, let's see how I'm doing...

  1. Learn to say "No" to myself, and not feel guilty for it
  2. ...and say "yes" to things out of my comfort zone
    I'm finding at the ripe old age, kidding, of 24, my comfort zone is expanding. I'm able to tolerate and prepare myself for more and finding myself less nervous in unknown situations.
  3. Become a real person, explained here, getting up on time, drinking water, eating, and cooking, regular meals, etc. etc.
    While there's been very little to no progress on the getting up on time, I have been healthy on the other fronts!
  4. Remember: Just because it fit at one point, doesn't mean it fits now: old jeans, old clothes, old boyfriends
    Just by writing this down, this has been a great reminder on a lot of things.
  5. Re-design this blog, maybe even buy a domain
  6. Buy more off etsy and other small shops
    This one, I'd say is 50/50. I've certainly been shopping more on etsy, creating wish lists, etc but I cannot say I've been buying there. We'll call it window shopping for now.
  7. Learn to be okay with "I'm sorry"This is something my trainer and I were talking about last week. Yes, I hold grudges. But, what I realized, as naturally i make my own mistakes as well, sometimes things happen. Things get out of your control and I'm sorry really does mean I'm sorry. Now, I'll just have to keep reminding myself of this.
  8. Disconnect from the world
    Sometimes it's just good to step away from my phone and ipad and computer and just focus on what I'm doing. I'm learning to leave it at home, whether or not intentionally, and disconnect when I'm with people. Better to be in the now.
  9. Find a doctor in Chicago
    I've been asking around, it's definitely something I need to do.
  10. Meet someone to get excited about
  11. ...and because I have too many weddings in 2014, get a boyfriend 
  12. Join the Wisconsin Alumni Association
  13. Clean through my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb
  14. ...and find new ways to mix it up in new outfits
    I think this one deserves a Check! ...when I finally buy a new mirror I'll be sharing more #ootd
  15. Read more
  16. Learn a new skill: calligraphy, photoshop, etc.
    I learned how to use a calligraphy pen, does that count?
  17. Make an address book with birthdays
  18. Take and print photos
    As you saw last week, I added to my gallery wall with photos printed. But I'd like to take more photos myself.
  19. Stop comparing myself
  20. Recognize my own freedom and independence
  21. Stay current: on music, gossip, news, technology, politics, economy, etc.
    I recently subscribed to the Skimm which has been fantastic in keeping me up to speed in current events. I'm still not up to speed on music. Oops.
  22. Go on a real vacation
    Family trip to St Maarten in November is all booked. Cannot wait to celebrate my parent's 30th anniversary with beautiful weather, food, and people! There also may or may not be an empty space in my room, or so I'm told.
  23. Learn to buy myself the big presents
    Oh mom and dad....kidding but not kidding.
  24. Celebrate my 25th Birthday somewhere fantastic!

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