Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear C. Wonder,

Dear C. Wonder,
As an avid fan of yours, and frequenter of your Soho store whenever a visitor to New York City. I am writing today to ask you to please please please open a store in Chicago, IL. I will be happy to oversee it, fully support it, through buying all the merchandise, and, of course, promote it. 

Ok, I guess I'm not actually writing a letter but I should. Because boy do I love C.Wonder!

For those of you who are not familiar with C Wonder, it is the fantastic pet project of Chris Burch, yes of the well known designer, in fact, ex-husband of Tory Burch. While there was quite some squabbles in the beginning (Tory sued her ex, a member of her brand's board and key shareholder, and the company as she believes it bears a striking resemblance to her fashion empire, right down to the logo.

To quote, "The queen of preppy, country club wear and gold logo-ed ballet flats was now rivaled by a similar “lifestyle” brand that veered dangerously into the realm of preppy chic. C. Wonder is a store where anything can be monogrammed and waspy glamour reigns supreme."

However, Burch (male Burch, this is getting confusing) wanted to create a brand rooted in luxury with low-to-medium priced goods, clothing, accessories and housewares.

I've been online shopping it a lot. All online of course. As stated above, I'm desperately waiting for them to open a Chicago location. Plus, the sales are always pretty decent too. 

I say we all right them a letter.

Speaking of letters, did you notice their logo, it's like everything's monogrammed specifically for me. And, for those of you without C names, they have a monogram store. 

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