Monday, July 29, 2013



This week...

+ I'm going back to the gym. I've been on an almost two week hiatus from the place and am desperate to go back. No no, I was not just being lazy. I somehow have acquired some severe foot pain whenever I walk more than 3 city blocks, so the gym, even the elliptical, was out.

+ Yes, I lied last week. I ventured back to the gym Monday morning to encounter the elliptical issues I hinted at above and instead spent a lot of time icing. My advice for those with foot pain, or possible plantar fasciitis, tennis balls and frozen water bottles work wonders. 

+ No, I did not run the big 10 10k/5k. I will next year though.

+ I am in search of something to make my mirror a tad taller. I was going for a 6 ft high mirror and instead opted for 4 ft so I need to find a way to boost it up a bit. I'm thinking a shoe rack like this.

+ ...totally going to find a way to get that shoe bookshelf somehow, one way or another. Muahaha.

+ I did some research and some brainstorming to figure out how to turn standing frames into hanging frames. I think sawtooth nails may be the winner

+ I got my hands on People's Special Edition Royal Family issue :)

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Listening: Bruises by Train. I could listen to this over and over again.
Eating: Nothing, need to go to the grocery store real bad.
Drinking: water, with lemon, which I read is even better than it is just taste-y. Thanks pinterest.
Feeling: like today may be the week I stop being a waste of space
Wanting: someone to invent a machine that puts my clothes away after I either wear them, either in the laundry basket or back in their respective place 
Needing: a serious spending freeze
Thinking: lovely thoughts :)
Enjoying: the weather, it feels like fall is in the air. Although it is a bit early.
Hoping: Shelby finishes reading the New "J.K. Rowling" book. I'm not an HP fan but this one sounds good.
Wondering: when the rest of my C.Wonder order is going to get here? Eeee.

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  1. Ahh so sorry to hear about the pain! Hope it is feeling better and the gym was a success :-)