Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some changes

Hi readers!

As I alluded to on Monday and a bit last week, you may have noticed a few chances here on carly on queue. And if you haven't, I STRONGLY urge you to get off your phone, grab your computer and check it out.

I enlisted the help of Danielle Moss. Danielle is a freelance graphic designer/photographer, blogger and co-founder of The Everygirl. I've mentioned before how much I love her style. (see: here and here) And I cannot say how freakin' happy I am that I chose Danielle for this project and how the blog came out. I find myself visiting it on a very frequent basis just to marvel, squeal and smile at its beauty.

I also cannot tell you enough how easy-peasy this girl is to work with. She's QUICK, like beyond quick, on top of trends, invested in her clients, communicative and talented. I think it helped that I love her style so much making her ideas automatically appeal to me. She got it. And, I think that's really important when enlisting a designer.

Plus, I loved that Danielle could do everything: the design work, the installation and other applications. And, I know I'll be using her for future projects...already enlisted her to do my email signature. And, I told her when I one day move/buy a home, I'm enlisting her and her partner's help to design and style the entire thing. A girl can dream right??

Anyway, I'd HIGHLY suggest this girl to anyone and suggest you check out her portfolio, stalk her blog, instagram and the Everygirl.

BONUS: she's a dog lover like me, and is always posting pictures of her adorable little guy, Buddy.

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