Monday, June 10, 2013



Good morning, readers. Happy Monday!

This week...

+ First and foremost, while I'm a day early, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my oldest and bestest friend, Dani. This will be like probably the 22nd or 23rd birthday we've celebrated together and I want to wish her the happiest of days filled with white chocolate, positive vibes for yoga, maple flavored anything, so much laughter you cry, which doesn't take much, bacon, fattoosh salad and more.

+ We're going to Sushi Para, an all-you-eat Sushi restaurant, on Tuesday night to celebrate

+ Then, on Wednesday, a few coworkers and I are going to check out my client, Drop's Wine Down Wednesday. For a suggested donation to PAWS, guests will be treated to plenty of wine samples and pairings of charcuterie and cheese. 

+ I should start calling this last week's list of things I didn't do, although I did finally get a car wash. Cause I still need to find a cobbler, start eating healthier and working out in the mornings, and order a new bruins shirt

+ Feel free to call me a liar or procrastinator...

+ Speaking of the Bruins, it's official, my two cities are in a showdown. I'm rooting for the Bruins but am considering the entire thing a win-win. Sue me.

+ And, there's a chance mom and dad may be coming in to go to a game next weekend. TBD on how much the tickets end up going for. Currently, they're an upwards of $ probably not.

+ And speaking of dad, I'll be celebrating mine, and my grandfather too, on Sunday!

+ I've put myself on a spending freeze, somewhat. Minus the few things listed above. All necessities, right?

Currently - 
Listening: Goo Goo Dolls' New Album, going to see them in less than a month
Eating: Multi-grain Cheerios with strawberries and blueberries
Drinking: Lemonade, I've been on a kick
Feeling: ready for the week
Wanting: summer shows to start - Necessary Roughness, Suits, Franklin & Bash, Royal Pains
Needing: to go to the grocery store, I'm starting to really like Mariano's near my office
Thinking: about going through my magazines to find some healthy recipes to make soon...just thinking!
Enjoying: catching up on Modern Family, I forgot how funny Luke and Lilly are
Wondering: if actual summer i.e. hot and sunny days are ever going to hit Chicago

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