Monday, June 3, 2013



I'm back. Unless you're visiting for the first time you probably know I took last week off. I will admit, it was sort of nice. We didn't get back from Boston until late Monday night and the work week kind of escaped from me. I apologize. But I'm back now with a full weeks worth of updates.

Without further ado, this week...

+ Today is a staff meeting Monday. And I'm about to say something that no one else can probably say: I really enjoy staff meeting Mondays. I think it's perhaps because of the structure of my job butI love getting to see all my amazing co-workers, going through our client roster and being able to pick everyone's brains on the work I'm doing.

+ Today is also my trainer's birthday. He sometimes reads this blog so I hope he does today. Happy Birthday!!

+ And, as a special gift to him, my next bullet: since I got back from Boston, I haven't been eating as good as I would have liked, i.e. too much take out, not enough home cooking. So starting this week, things are turning, again. I know you must be used to hearing that by now. Healthy salads, grilled chicken and fish, soups, smoothies, etc. all coming to my kitchen soon!

+ I'm also doing morning work outs again. Check me out.

+ Speaking of smoothies, does anyone know if they make flavorless protein powder? I like mine but don't love adding it to my smoothies as it adds a too sweet, vanilla-y flavor which takes away from my fresh berry smoothies.

+ Coming up on the blog this week, I have a full week's worth of posts, I know, unlike last week.

+ Also on the blog, my co-worker will be sharing her first ever column this Thursday!

+ I'm finally going to find a cobbler to fix a few pairs of my heels that have seen better days.. Does anyone have a good one?...I know I said this 3 weeks ago.

+ The Bachelorette came back last week. And again, we're doing a Fantasy League. My team, DesiRose features: Juan Pablo, Zack K and Mike R, who already went home. It's pretty hilarious  I may have decided my team based on shoe size, which they gave me. 

+ I'm rooting for the Blackhawks and the Bruins. I'd love to see them play for the cup in the finals. 

+ p.s. I just ordered a new Bruin's shirt 

+ my old roommate, Traci, who you've all heard about, is coming to Chicago this weekend!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Listening: Shelby and I finally got around to watching the SMASH finale, which I'm pretty sad about, and I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot...
Eating: as stated above, healthy!
Drinking: Crystal Light Lemonade
Feeling: like it's going to be a busy meeting week
Wanting: to not shop for the next couple weeks. Last month's bills were a bit outrageous.
Needing: a car wash, badly.
Thinking: Mother Nature hates Chicago
Enjoying: Life!
Wondering: Who Des will send home tonight on the Bachelorette? And how many points my team will score in the process

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