Monday, June 17, 2013


I think yesterday was a change of pace for me. I woke up at 6:30 am, about 15 min before my alarm was set to go off. I ran a 5k, with a few friends, and really felt like it was easy. Then, I went for brunch, took a cat nap and went along being productive: cleaning the apartment, laundry, organizing, even cleaning through my jewelry, grocery shopping, making chicken for this week's lunch and more.

I call this progress. 

This week...

+ As I said, I've prepared meals for the week i.e. marinated and baked chicken to add to salads for lunch, planned a few meals, shrimp with corn, tomato and avocado and turkey tacos. Plus, I even bought a few frozen top chef healthy choice meals so I stop grabbing for unhealthy things. Again, progress.

+ On Sunday, I ventured to Target for a few things. One of which being Zyrtec as I've decided to go back on the meds and add contact rewetting drops into the mix. I had went off them because my eyes/contacts were getting unbearably dry. But I've been getting sinus headaches far too often. 

+ The other thing I bought was a few more frames. I've been saving a lot of my favorite images on pinterest and now that I have a printer, I'd love to print some out and add them to the gallery wall behind my bed.

+ The designer I hired to redesign this blog of mine is finally ready to get started so perhaps new changes will be coming soon!

+ I'm finally getting around to catching up on The Good Wife season 4, and I forgot how much I love this show. 

+ By the way, I'm totally Team Gardner.

+ Last week, I suggested we call this weekly post a list of things I didn't do. Aside from attending my client's wine event on Wednesday, which was cancelled do to weather, I did actually get things done last week!

+ And lastly, I'll try and keep my days straight this week.

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Currently -
Listening: The OC Soundtracks, they never get old. 
Eating: I packed a lunch today: salad with chicken!
Drinking: water, one of these days Elaine's will introduce Ice Tea
Feeling: Good! Some exciting things coming together
Wanting: Summer Shows to return. Necessary Roughness and Royal Pains are just a tease for Suits and Newsroom (I had a Newsroom Marathon by myself on Saturday) 
Needing: a massage and spray tan
Thinking: I need to order a new straightener, my cords are unraveling and becoming exposed
Enjoying: This Blackhawks/Bruins Series! Tied at 1-1
Wondering: What Kimye named their baby and what she looks like? 

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