Thursday, May 16, 2013

Que me in: Introduction to Carly Numero Dos

Que me in. I'm Carly numero dos. I may be 11 months older, yet I don't consider myself any wiser than this one. 

Things to know about Carly # 2:
- I will use "y'all" often in referencing you all
- I'm from Louisville, KY -- & yes, I have been to the derby
- I gradated from IU in 2010, but do not entirely root for the Hoosiers
- I'm a PR Account Manager at Blast! -- so, Carly #1 and I do in fact work on multiple accounts together
- When I'm not at the office or at the gym (Equinox, LP) you can find me at Elaine's coffee shop or Heritage General Store
- I have two NBC crushes, Matt Lauer and Brian Williams, so nobody tell me that they prefer GMA or Diane Sawyer
- Oh, and I really love Peanut Butter

When I first moved to Chicago, almost 3-years ago, I was single & journaling about twenty-somethings in relationships, for Examiner. That came to a halt though, soon after January of 2011 when I met my now boyfriend, who I became very fond of fast, which in-turn stopped me from continuing to journal about dating life. I wanted my relationship to be personal, and had no desire to publicize. Looking back, I think that was the right move. Not over-sharing. I am happy though to report, I am still in a very happy relationship.

Finally, after about 17-ish months co-working together & contemplating whether or not to get back into the blogging world -- I let the blonde Carly talk me into this.

I'll now appear on Thursdays. Weekly. And, I promise to be funny. The subject of my column is still circulating, but it will often be on relationships. And, restaurants -- yes, definitely food!

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