Monday, May 20, 2013


Good morning and happy Monday, readers!

This week...

+ is going to be a shorter one as I'm taking off on Thursday night to fly home to Boston for Memorial Day and this time, my roommates are coming with me!

+ While we're there we're going to split our time between the city and suburbs, we're going to a sox game, the better sox that is, red sox, and I'm planning to show them around my hometown.

+ Speaking of, I think they screwed up something with the damns and the boats still aren't in the water. I'm praying for a miracle they go in this week.

+ But before we get to that, I have a calendar full of meetings and appointments this week. 

+ The TODAY Show is coming to Chicago on Wednesday and a few of my coworkers and I are heading downtown bright and early to see if we can get on TV, and score a photo with Matt and Savannah.

+ My 3 week challenge ended today and I'm going to do an equifit this week to see how much progress we made. Crossing my fingers that we get to cross off those goals. But more on that later this week...


Currently -
Listening: Guster, going to their concert in 2 weeks
Eating: leftover salad from last night, we made it with salmon marinated in Soy Vey, delicious and perfectly cooked
Drinking: Venti Passion Fruit Ice Tea, unsweetened and no water
Feeling: GREAT, not sure why but I'm okay with it
Wanting: Dunkin to get out of his cone, he just looks so sad with it
Needing: another massage, yes I know I just had one but this 3 week challenge killed my back and legs
Thinking: I should probably pay this month's bills, probably.
Enjoying: listening to Jon Hamm's voice, something about it just gets to me
Wondering: How I got the bruise that miraculously has appeared on my arm

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